Confined Space Rescue Courses


This 3-day course is designed to improve the safety and productivity of emergency responders faced with responding to confined space emergencies. The focus of the course is on hazard identification, safe operations, and rescue skills.  The course covers basic and specialized equipment, rope and rigging, safety considerations, scene management and organization, lowering and raising systems, patient packaging, and litter management in confined space environments.


The cost of this class is negotiable but is normally around $150.00 per student per day. Class size is a minimum of 12 students.  Other arrangements can be made depending on the location and logistical issues. 

This class can be completed in 2 days if all the students have completed our 40-hour Rope Rescue Tech class.  If students have had other Rope Rescue Tech class and satisfy a rope skill evaluation in can be completed in 4 days.  Some organizations will include the confined space rescue compliant in a 48-hour Rope Tech class.    


  1. Must be physically capable of handling physical exertion and mentally stressful situations. 
  2. Candidates should have had some training at the Technician level in Rope Rescue.

Required Equipment:  Bring with you any and all PPE and technical gear you can.  However, all necessary equipment and PPE will be available for students at no cost.

Class Description. The Confined Space Rescue class includes OSHA Regulations for the Supervisor, attendant and entrant as well as atmosphere testing and monitoring, ventilation, lockout/tagout etc.  A large portion of the class deals with patient packaging using SKEDS, LSP Halfback, Yates Pack, CMC Victim Rescue Harness and stokes baskets.

If you desire a course outline or information that will be covered.  Please read the NFPA Standards dealing with Confined Space Rescue and Rope Rescue – (NFPA 1670-1006).

For more information or to enroll in this class call 270-405-4900 or email